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The Contractors Trust Team 

Nancy Tuggle
Owner and President

Nancy Tuggle has first hand experience in the construction industry since starting the first woman-owned, nation-wide, Telecom Construction company, employing over 100 people. Winner of the "Telecom Best Business of the Year" award,  Nancy then diversified offering commercial framing & drywall. Her passion for quality and strategic thinking has taken companies from conception to acquisition. 


Nancy and her team bring years of experience to their clients to help grow companies from a great idea to a stable and profitable entity. The main keys to success are implementing industry standard processes, automation, best accounting and bookkeeping practices and consistent subcontractor management.  


"Most people in our industry have created a job for themselves. My goal, is to help them take their company from a "job" to a thriving business, while supporting the individual."

Our Partner 
Tanya L. Stokes

In partnership with Austin based CPA, Contractors Trust can offer customers legal and tax services. Our experienced partner, can provide the following services for CTS clients:

  • tax preparation and filing

  • incorporation services

  • financial planning

  • escrow services

  • debt restructuring

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